This post was supposed to be my apology to all who kept up with my blogs, but the more I thought about asking your forgiveness, the more I questioned myself as to my reason, so I decided on explaining briefly why there hasn’t been any new posts entered.

Since writing my blogs is therapy for me, I realized it is my responsibility to keep them up as far as the cost, and keep myself stable in the process. Since I don’t remember being named Merlin, kind of figured I should resort to more practical ways to accomplish this. The blogs and website are maintained as a way to offer a different perspective on life, and for the purpose of entertainment, which simply means the cost of keeping them going will always be my responsibility alone. I will continue to supply links to products and services I believe you would be interested in, but I won’t be spending much effort attempting to induce you to buy, that decision would yours and yours alone.

I am however, going to put major effort in improving both, the blogs and website, but in order to do this, for a minute, I’m to have to concentrate more on coming up with the funds.

To make long story short, I am working at my new job, and I haven’t allowed myself to spend much time writing, and keeping up the website, as I become more stable, I’ll be more consistent.


Building a business from the ground up, without all the proper resources ( mainly money ) can/is a very frustrating project, sometimes, many times I feel like giving up, quitting mainly because it seems like nothing I do, appears to be working, having a major problem figuring out how to make money, and unfortunately, everything I need to increase my chances of earning an income cost the very money I don’t already have.

There are many opportunities that arise as I put my business together, but as I stated before, it all boils down to having the money to take advantage of those opportunities.

Since my business is my only means to take care of myself, there are times when desperation sets in, to where I am almost willing to do anything to earn enough money, just to keep a roof over my head, and some food in my stomach. I know I can’t give in to the desperation, I also understand, that whatever hope I have, I must keep alive, but even keeping that hope alive is very difficult, especially when I know becoming homeless again, is an ever present possibility, and whatever future I do see ain’t looking all that good. In my case there doesn’t seem to be anyone I can count on for help, either they can’t help or they won’t help, and this includes family, been job hunting, but even this is difficult because my transportation is down, I don’ t have the money to have someone drive me to the interviews, and unfortunately, I live in a area where there’s no dependable mass transportation system.

I can understand why no one wants to take a chance on me, because in their eyes, I have nothing to offer. Translation: There’s no sense in me giving up now, as it appears, I have nothing else to lose, either I make something happen, or perish in my attempt. One thing is for certain.







Relationships in my life have proven to be a thing of beauty, or something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. This post is written in dedication to the lady who meant the world to me, her name was Celine.

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Relationships to me, are somewhat like prerequisites to marriage, if that is what the two partners involved with each other wish to do, at best being in a relationship gives two people the opportunity to learn about and from each other, with the award of having intimacy with each other.

From my first relationship to my last, which ended with the death of my beloved partner, I realized I had absorbed quite a bit of knowledge, especially from my last partner, who in my heart, is everything to me, including my wife, although we never got married, it is from her being in my life that I was able to gain from the lessons I had learned. Hopefully those who read this post find something useful in my description of the relationship between Celine and me.

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From the time I first laid eyes on this beautiful lady, who was introduced to me by another friend, I knew there was something very special about her, I had no idea we would fall in love with each other, and I didn’t even realize I loved her as I do until 5 yrs after we first met, we stayed together 13yrs. I found myself doing things for Celine that I did not remember, as the years went by she would tell me of those things, which I wasn’t aware of. Somehow I had this instinct of doing whatever I could to make her time spent with me the most enjoyable time she would spend with anyone, in the process of taking on my goal, she taught me how to love her without condition, limits, and/or reservation, she showed me that I could trust her, and in turn she trusted me. One of the things I really loved about being with her, she was totally unpredictable, I never knew what to expect from her, and in a strange way I could see things through her eyes, as if I was actually looking at life but I was seeing it through her eyes, as if I was inside of her, this used to scare the fool out of me, but I couldn’t control it, so I got used to it, in her and my case this crazy link proved to be most helpful. Being with Celine taught me that other than one other young lady, I didn’t know how to love, and still have a lot to learn about women.

Relationships like a marriage take a lot of work to be successful.

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Hope this post helps  


Scorpios Rising, located at, has under gone a serious makeover, hopefully you will enjoy the site a whole lot more.

One of the makeovers was the zodiac, as you can tell, the American zodiac has a page of its own, as does the Chinese Horoscope.  The concept of this change had to do with the compatility/ relationship charts that will combine the signs of both zodiac/horoscopes to come up with what  hopefully will become our soulmate, should that be our goal.

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The way this will work, I’m going to use myself as the example, I am born under the sign of Scorpio(American), but following the Chinese horoscope, I was born in the Year of the Dragon, which would be; October 31, 1952, if one were to check the Chinese horoscope, The year 1952 would have been the year of the Dragon, note: The Chinese horoscope signs last for a whole year, instead of a 1 month cycle like the American zodiac does. My three best signs for a relationship are; Capricorn, Virgo, and Pisces. in the Chinese horoscope, my 3 best relationship signs would be; Rooster, Dragon, Rat. A close to perfect mate for me would be ladies born under the American zodiac signs of Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo, but born in the years of the Rooster(1957), Dragon(1952), and Rat(1960), + or – 12 years, to further clarify this example, I would find a lady, born under the sign of Pisces, in the year 1952(Dragon), there would be other considerations to get through, but after experimenting with this for at least 45 yrs, I came up with this formula.

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By no means is this an exact science, nor am I a professional, I did not seek professional help in drawing this up. There are other signs included in the mix from both horoscopes, I just picked my top three. If this formula is to hold true, I am going to have a very pleasant surprise for you in the next year, that should verify my results.

If anyone should require a more professional approach, I will kindly refer them to Professionals who could help them out, there are also books, one could purchase on my website, that would give a person that extra guidance, feel free to browse through the book selections I have put together, and make your purchase. There are other changes to go along with the zodiac, but they’ll be described in my first upcoming newsletter, you don’t want to miss that, but in order to receive the newsletter you will have to subscribe to my website and/or blogs.




I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois in October 1952. I lived in some of the roughest neighborhoods Chicago had to offer. My lesson learned this brief history, had something to do with faith.Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

The lady who really cared for me through my childhood, was in truth, my great-grandmother, who I know only as ” mom “. the woman who finished caring for me until I reached 16, is my biological mother, as you read this, hopefully you’ll understand the distinctions.

From what I can remember, and this was told to me from different family members, after I had gotten older. I was born premature, to give you some bearing, I hadn’t developed a stomach, and my sex at birth was undetermined ( I wonder why ).

I was given the name of a female ( I’m not telling ), for id purposes, I was not told how long I had to be identified as a female, eventually someone figured out I was a male, and my name was changed.Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

Soon after delivery, my family was told by some of medicals finest, that because of the complications of me not being carried full term, I definitely would not live past my first year of life, some gave even less odds at 6 months. For some strange reason ” mom ” wouldn’t take kindly to this idea of me not living very long.

Somehow ” mom ” ended up with the responsibility of raising me on her own, the remarkable thing about this, ” mom ” was in her mid Seventies at my time of birth. As I look back on this, I used to think that ” mom ” had lost her mind, to attempt to raise a child that no one else thought would live, at the age she was when she took on this duty.Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

This is just a teaser, come back for more ( I know, that wasn’t fair )


This post is about one of those lessons that’s not learned instantly, this lesson took some years to learn.Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

I was always under the impression that family meant those born of the same blood, DNA, same mother and/or father.I’ve come to realize that although my impression is true, it is only true in the physical sense, now, the family I’m going to explain, would be referred to as an extended family.

The man who raised me, will always be my dad. He willingly took on the role as a Parent, more commonly referred to as a Step-Parent. Most of the individuals who have, are, and will serve in this role are going to do their best to stand up to their accepted responsibility. My biological father, I’ve never met, seen, or was even told about, I have no idea what kind of person he may be, if he’s still living. I will always have some respect for him, being I accept the fact I am his seed, that’s as far as it goes. The spirit, knowledge, and love given by a father comes from someone who most will refer to as my Step-dad, as far as I’m concerned, he is my real dad. My dad taught me the love of a father, he taught me, dedication, patience, sternness when needed, most importantly, love. My dad never thought about being a Step-Parent, as far as he was concerned, he was our father, and we were his children, with no strings attached, and for him/us that’s all that mattered.Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

I have over time,  gained quite a few members of my extended family, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, the like. What I have noticed, is that we share the same spirit, the same attitude, and basically the same outlook on life. Although we may approach a situation with different perspectives, we usually come to the same conclusion.

My example of this would be my daughter, who I’ll call Sarah. Sarah’s parents and I were childhood friends, we’ve known each other since we were 9/10 yrs old, now speaking for myself, I’ll turn 60 next month. I was entrusted by Sarah’s parents, to raise her as one of my own, I also have a biological daughter, the same age as Sarah. As time passed Sarah split her time living with my family, and the family of one of her biological uncles, who I refer to as my uncle too, he’s older than me. For reasons I can not explain, he and I took the same approach to raising Sarah. Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

Growing up Sarah was considered our wild child, she is very protective of those she considers family, which is all the kids she was raised with. She was very difficult for others to raise. She is very strong willed, she will definitely speak her mind, and would fight King Kong, if she thought he looked at her sideways, now her biological uncle and I somehow understood her, and whatever she was feeling about her life to that point, so our raising her didn’t seem that difficult.

Sarah is a grown woman now, with two kids of her own, but to this very day, if some one was to ask her about her father, she would reply that she has three fathers, two of which, she describes as being very important to her growth, and one, me, dad as she spent the most time with me. She regards my children as her brothers and sisters, Sarah’s kids are my grandchildren, they are as much my family as my biological children are, and they are just as well loved.Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

There are other members of my extended family, I’ll introduce them to you at a later time.